About Sponholtz Productions

At first Dr. Sponholtz, John Kunz, and Ryan Gardner decided to create DVDs to be used in-house at Cushing Academy. However, as the team progressed it became very clear that the two talented students of Cushing Academy were creating teaching tools that far exceeded what is currently available on the market today. Thus, the trio formed their own company, Sponholtz Productions, LLC., and their products are now in over 30 countries and all 50 states. Their teaching tools demonstrate the basics of the atom, bonding, molecular geometry, and many other Organic Chemistry principles via cutting-edge computer animations, which have transformed the teaching/learning process.
There is simply no way an instructor can duplicate these representations on a two-dimensional whiteboard. These unique teaching tools will make a difference to a new generation of tech-savvy students at the University and High School level.

The Sponholtz Productions Team

William R. Sponholtz, III, B.S., M.S., PH.D.

Gordon W. Gribble, PH.D. (Dartmouth College)

John Kunz
Computer Modeling/Computer Animation/Web Design

David Nevins
CTO & Current Head Animator/Editor/Web Artist for Organic Chemistry tools.

Ryan Gardner

Frederick Morlock
Current Head of Web Development/Technologies

Students that have worked for Sponholtz Productions in the past: Min Woo Kim, Si Hyung (Sean) Lee, Jun Bum "Andy" Kim, Xiangling Kong, and Wasif Ahmed


William R. Sponholtz III, Ph.D.