Introduction to Bonding Theory


Chapter 1: Why and How a Bond will Form, Predicting Formation of an Ionic, Covalent, and Polar Covalent Bond from Differences of Electronegativity Values, Electronegativity Values and Periodic Trends, Relating Full Valency to Abbreviated Electron Configurations, Internuclear Distance vs. Energy Diagrams, Bond Distances, Dipoles, Shielding and De-shielding

Chapter 2: Lewis Dot Diagrams, Rules for Drawing Lewis Structures, Octet and Duet Rule, Single, Double, and Triple Bond, Many Examples Worked for the Student.

Chapter 3: General Rules and Exceptions to the Octet Rule, Many Examples for Exceptions to the Octet Rule.

Chapter 4: Organic Compounds, Alternate Approach to Drawing Lewis Structures, Calculating Number of Bonds Needed for an Atom, Constitutional or Structural Isomers, Geometric Isomers (E and Z), Cahn-Ingold Prelog Sequence Rules, Degrees of Unsaturation to Develop a Logical Step-Wise Approach to Drawing all Isomers, Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes, Cyclic and Acyclic Structures, Deducing Equivalent Hydrogens, Oxygen and Sulfur Insertion, Odd Nitrogen Rule, Over 40 Examples Worked for the Student.

Students are also encouraged to download the accompanying study guide.

With atoms and molecules seamlessly floating and interacting with background shots filmed around the world (in the Amazon Rainforest, Hawaii, and other exotic locations) students learn bonding principles for ionic and covalent bonds and rules for drawing Lewis structures. In addition, there is a bonus chapter detailing Lewis structures for over forty organic molecules. Uniquely presented, this DVD has been labeled "a must have" to enhance a student's understanding of bonding theory and how to draw Lewis structures in a logical, step-wise manner.

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Narration: Gordon W. Gribble, PH.D.
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